One Scan at a Time

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Like a lot of cancer patients I live from CT scan to CT scan.  The last one was good. “I won’t need to see you again until the end of May,” my oncologist told me Thursday. 

So right now, I’m not obsessing on mortality.

Not all CT scan results have been so positive. The worst one was back in October, the one that showed the cancer had metastasized. Along with feeling defeated, depressed and angry, I felt embarrassed. Three months before I had proudly announced on Facebook that after a long run of chemotherapy I was cancer free.

I was. But then it came back.

And then I wished I hadn’t been so bold in announcing my freedom from cancer since it turned out to be premature.  It’s harder to announce bad news than good.  What was I supposed to tell the world now?  “Nevermind”?  I was too embarrassed to say anything, even to some of my closest friends and family members.

I have a genetic form of cancer that  doesn’t always respond well to chemo. It’s pretty aggressive. Five years ago I might have been near the end of my road when the chemo didn’t kill it.  Luckily, I have gotten just the right kind of sick at a time when immunotherapy is working wonders with my kind of genetic cancer. I’ve been on this new regimen of infusions for about three months now.  So far so good. The cancer hasn’t spread. It hasn’t entirely gone away either; hence, the experience of living CT scan to CT scan.

But the last one was good. When the semester is over, Frank and I will reunite with our sons, daughters-in-law and grandkids. Spring is coming.   

About Luann Yetter

"Do you remember lying in bed with the covers pulled up over your head, radio playing so no one could see?" (The Ramones) Yes, I do. And I remember the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show. And I believed in the magic of rock ‘n roll. Funny thing is, I still do. Somehow I never grew out of my fangirl phase. In recent years I’ve enjoyed writing local history books. But after three successive publications, I took a break. And then I realized that without deadlines or contracts, what I really want to write about is music.
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6 Responses to One Scan at a Time

  1. zephyrmn2020 says:

    I miss you and hope I can see you soon.

  2. Landon Chaffee says:

    Your intellect is sharp, wit unparalleled, and courage profound. Cancer is no match for a woman of your strength. My thoughts are with you and yours during this stressful time.

    Regards from a former student who is passing your wisdom to his students, too.

    • Luann Yetter says:

      Thanks so much for your kind words, Landon! Are you teaching now?

      • Landon Chaffee says:

        Yes, ma’am! I teach public high school in central Florida now. This year I’m teaching World History due to Covid staff shuffles. Next year I return to my English and Theatre post. Cheers from the Sunshine State!

  3. Luann Yetter says:

    Great to get caught up with you!

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